FitVille Long Staple Low Ankle Socks Pack Of 3

Light Grey

The advantages of our products:

High-quality combed cotton

Air-permeability and moisture-wicking performance will keep your feet dry all day long

Cushioned Athletic Socks

Cushion all of the sole and reinforced toe using thicker yarn for extra durability in high-wear areas.


A heel thickening design gives more support to your ankles, adding more comfort and stability.

Grid cooling

Mesh ventilation can cool heat and keep your feet at the perfect temperature in any condition.

Product details:

Breathable and Dry Soft and Durable

Arch Support Of Running Socks - Our socks have suitable compression in the arch to protect you when you walk, jog and run. Thickened sole design provides more support to your feet.

Soft Texture Breathable and Refreshing

The shape is designed to fit the contours of the human foot. Let’s get comfy and make your feet pressure-free! Easy to wear, smooth, free, not easy to tighten nor slide.

Flexible Elasticity with High Elasticity Resistance

Higher upper to support the ankles. Simple and comfortable cuffs, soft and delicate. Offer you the slim arm shape, for a better fit to the skin.

National Standard L 1XL 2XL
US 8.5-10.5 10.5-12.5 12.5-15
UK 7.5-9.5 9.5-11.5 11.5-14
EU 42-46 46-40 50-55

Let Everyone Enjoy Sports

Enhanced with Comfort Innovations
FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole

Patented Sole for Maximum Comfort
FitVille’s patented technology is ergonomically designed to ease foot discomfort. The shoes have an elastic front sole and a solid back sole that together smooth movements with strong support. Our shock absorption pads ease your bounce and the solid heel ring makes your steps steady.

Wide Toe Box for Pain Relief
FitVille is well known for having an extra wide toe box. Combined with a heel-to-toe drop between 2-3 mm, FitVille shoes are designed to fit your feet well and provide maximum comfort. The shoes include enough room for free movement of the toes and are known to relieve foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, heel pain, flat feet, neuropathy, knee pain, and other kinds of foot issues.

Ultimate Sole for Arch Support
Imagine a shoe with firm support will give you the long-term comfort you want, one in which your feet will never feel tired! FitVille’s ergonomically designed insoles keep your arches and heel from harm and help you achieve a better body alignment. The arch support will effectively ease your foot pain and make walking and standing much more comfortable.

FitVille shoes are made to love your feet. We have helped 80,000+ love theirs. Choose FitVille, Choose Comfort.

FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole
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Customer Reviews

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warm and cozy

I wasn't sure what to expect from these socks, but I am pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love everything about them. The style and color choices are great. They feel like warm pads wrapped around my feet. I have used them a few times so far when the temperatures dropped between 30-40 degrees- and these socks kept my feet warm and cozy. I am very pleased with the product and brand.

Great shoes for the money

I have wide feet. In addition, one of them has a bunion. Not a pretty picture I know. Anyways, these shoes are awesome. Extremely flexible (the front sole and back sole with two different materials), cushioned, forgiving, and light. I already ordered a second pair for non-athletic wear and knocking around!

Can't go wrong with these socks!

They are super soft with a fair amount of cushion. They fit perfectly on my size 10 foot but are very stretchy so they would fit almost any size. After 2 months of wearing they show no signs wear. I'll definitely be buying more of these.

Jake the Snake
Good Product Good Price

Nice pricing. The fit is perfect for my size 9 feet. They are heavy enough for my usage an looks like they will last.

I am going to see how they do after a few washings, and plan to buy more.

Well I just reordered these socks for the third time. I like them.

Update: I have reordered these socks TWICE. Still good fit and comfortable!

Michelle A.
Great socks!

I ordered these as a gift to my brother-in-law and they look great.

They seem soft and stretchy and like they will last long. I like how well contained they are and how solid the colors are. I would definitely recommend this as a gift to someone who needs socks!