If you love hiking and the great nature but have wide feet, finding the right pair of footwear can be a tougher that you can imagine. Here are some features to look for in wide hiking shoes for women


Wide toe box

Hiking shoes with a wide toe box like FitVille Women's High-Top Rugged Core Wide Hiking Boots offer plenty of room for your toes to move and prevent them from rubbing against the sides of the shoe which might lead to foot problems such as blisters.


Arch support

Good arch support is essential for hiking shoes, especially if you have flat feet. Look for shoes with great built-in arch support or that allow you to insert your own insoles like FitVille Women's Sturdy Core Hiking Boot.



Hiking shoes like FitVille Women's Low-top Rugged Core Wide Hiking Shoes are mostly designed to provide plenty of cushioning to absorb shock and protect your feet from impact.



Look for shoes with a sturdy outsole that provides superb traction on a variety of surfaces to prevent slipping and falling on uneven or wet surfaces.



Hiking shoes can get hot and sweaty, look for shoes made of breathable materials that allow air to flow around your feet.