Product Liability Disclaimer

We strongly suggest proper use the shoes to prevent injury.

Normal measures against injuries:
—Warm up before exercise
—Tie your shoe-laces tight
—Watch out and be mindful of possible hazards on the road or track, and stay away from them or sharp objects
—Wear your proper size of shoes

Fitville, the brand, & Bylingplanet Inc. the operating company behind the brand, and its associated factories around the world have done everything reasonable we can to ensure user safety and stability when walking or running.

The measures and due-diligences we have taken include, but not limited to, proper design of shoe constructs to increase stability and steadiness, proper testing in the lab, wear-test by humans, proper inspection of factories, quality control of the manufacturing process, quality control of the final products, re-inspection of each pair of products before they are shipped out, etc.

As customer safety and satisfaction is our highest priority, we have also abolished defect shoes that may cause any injuries. If you find out any of our products have defects, please email us at, and we will try our best to solve the problems.

Thus, Fitville or or operating company are not liable to any injuries while you are wearing our shoes. These injuries include but not limited to sprains, strains, burns, slip&falls, broken bones, cuts, etc.

Also, while trying our best to increase foot comfort, we don’t claim to heal or treat any diseases including but not limited to flat feet, plantar fasciitis, burning feet syndrome, hammertoes, heel pain, corns, callus, etc.