Suffering from your narrow sneakers brands and have to buy a half size or full size larger than you need? Can't find a good pair of sneakers that can actually fit? Here comes FitVille wide sneaker brand.

Our flagship product — FitVille Rebound Core offers in three colors – Black, Majolica Blue, and Sandy Grey. With stylish looking, FitVille sneakers combine well with all sorts of attire and can be used for work, exercise or everyday wear. FitVille has been also been designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the 5 in 1 patented sole features elasticity, strong back heel support, shock reduction as well as anti-overpronation.

Let’s start by seeing the wider toe box. This is different than your normal Nike or Adidas for example and will give you more space, especially for those with wider feet. FitVille also has a higher instep – this is great for those who have trouble fitting into a standard pair of sneakers. The key piece of technology is the combination of anti-skid rubber and shocking pad to guarantee your every movement with safety.

Try on FitVille sneakers for your best overall experience, free your toes and take the leap.