Happy Feet Month!

Get ready to uncover the shocking, surprising, and astonishing secrets your feet have been hiding! From strange habits to surprising benefits, your feet are more fascinating than you ever imagined.

Let's get this foot party started with some quirky questions and fun facts about our fabulous feet!


Fun Facts about Feet You Need to Know

Q1: Can toe prints be used like fingerprints to identify criminals?

Yes! In 2019, a suspect in India was caught thanks to his toe prints matching those at the crime scene! This is because police in India collect and store toe prints, along with fingerprints and other biometric data, to catch repeat offenders.

Some US states like Arizona and Texas are also starting to use toe prints in special cases, like identifying deceased individuals or suspects in high-profile cases.


Q2: Why does walking barefoot in soil cure fungus infections?

Yes! It's like a natural foot detox.

By exposing your feet to soil, you'll boost the good microbes on your skin by 30%, crowding out harmful pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. This natural remedy has been proven to work in a study of 25 participants, increasing beneficial microorganisms on the skin. So, ditch those shoes and let the soil's natural healing powers work their magic!

Q3: Do top runners have bigger feet compared to their body size?

Yes! Elite runners tend to have larger feet relative to their body size, which provides an advantage in stability and propulsion. 

A study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that elite male runners had larger feet (average length: 27.5 cm, average width: 10.3 cm) compared to non-athletes (average length: 25.9 cm, average width: 9.5 cm).


Q4: Why Genghis Khan chose his bride based on large feet as a golden standard?

In Mongolian culture, large feet symbolized strength, fertility, and beauty. The bigger the feet, the bigger the beauty (and the more mighty warriors she could bear)!

But that's not all, science may be on their side! Research suggests that women with larger feet may have a lower risk of miscarriage and a higher chance of delivering a healthy baby, as their larger feet may indicate a wider pelvis and a lower risk of gestational diabetes!

Add a round face, high nose, full cheeks, strong jawline, long locks, and a robust body, and you've got a Mongolian supermodel - and a potential supermom!

Q5: Why are flip-flops called thongs in Australia? 

In Aussie slang, "thongs" refers to anything that's worn between the toes, like flip-flops or even toe rings!

Q6: If Earth had the same gravity as the Moon, what would human feet evolve to look like? 

If Earth had the same gravity as the Moon, human feet would undergo some wild changes!

They'd likely shrink in size and weight, with a narrower and longer shape to improve balance and stability. The ankle and arch would become less robust, and the joints would become more flexible to adapt to the reduced gravity.

Imagine feet with elongated toes, resembling octopus tentacles! It's not too far-fetched, as low-gravity environments could favor flexible, suction-cup-like appendages for movement and grasping.

In this lunar-gravity scenario, human feet might evolve to resemble a hybrid of our current feet and octopus tentacles – a truly alien-looking adaptation!

Q7:Did you know your feet have a sweet tooth?

Your feet can detect sweet tastes - but not like your tongue does! They don't have taste buds, but certain skin cells can pick up on sweet molecules.

Scientists discovered that skin cells on your feet have taste receptors similar to those on your tongue! They can detect sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors, just like your taste buds do.

But here's the mystery: we're not sure how sensitive these receptors are or what purpose they serve. One theory is that they're leftovers from our ancestors, who might have used their feet to detect nutrients in soil! While we can't consciously taste sweetness through our feet, these receptors might still play a role in how our skin responds to different substances.


And there you have it - 7 weird and wonderful facts about your fabulous feet! They're more fascinating than you ever imagined, right?

So, next time you're tempted to hide your toes in socks and shoes, remember: your feet are sweet (literally!), soil-savvy, and potentially supermodel-worthy.

Happy Feet Month, indeed!

Stay foot-tastic, friends!