Flat feet is a common condition, it’s a type of foot deformity that resulted in a flattened arch. The arch flattens when pressure is applied, with the entire sole flat on the ground.

No necessary treatment is needed if flat feet isn’t affecting your daily life and some of us might not even feel the pain. However, if you’re experiencing constant foot pain especially in the arch, heel or around the ankle, we advise you to visit your health care provider.

Health care providers normally suggest people with flat feet to: 

  • Get arch support: Non-prescription arch supports can help relieve the pain caused by flat feet.
  • Low-impact activities: Avoid high-intensity workoutsand switch to low-impact exercises such as walking or biking.   
  • Stretching: Stretching the Achilles tendon would help ease the pain caused by flat feet.
  • Weight management: Weight loss is a straightforward way to reduce pressure on the feet. Less weight, less pressure.

Having the right shoe could help to reduce foot pain and provide comfort. You should find shoes that ticks all the boxes below:

Sole support

Shoes with a sturdy and supportive sole is best for people with flat feet. The most appropriate shoe should include a firm but cushioned insole that supports your foot to provide enough support while you walk or stand.

Arch support

Find shoes with extra support in the arch of your foot. A solid raised arch support takes the pressure off the midfoot, so the arch wouldn’t be flattened. This can ergonomically align your foot to avoid twisting your ankles, knees, or hips.

Wide, comfortable shoes

People with flat feet should look for wide fit shoes that allow toes to spread out. It can reduce pressure on the front foot to prevent pain and bunions. There should be enough spaces for toes to spread out and reduce pressure on the front foot.

FitVille provides a range of shoes that would help ease the pain and deliver comfort. 

We recommend FitVille Hi/Low top Rebound Core and Stride Core for people suffering the pain caused by flat feet. The Patented PropelCoreTM Technology has anatomical arch support to keep your feet properly positioned with the midfoot comfortably supported. The dual-density sole absorbs all impact and provides sufficient energy return to ease the pressure. Both of these exciting models come in 2E wide and 4E extra wide to leave ample space for toes to spread out.

For insoles, The FitVille Rebound-Engine Orthotic Insoles are made to deal with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, foot fatigue and arch problems. It features a deep heel cup to prevent overpronation and orthotic arch support to align the feet, ankle, knee and hips correctly. Shock-absorbing sole provides cushioning comfort with steady support to ease foot fatigue.