Buying shoe for wide feet can be frustrating. But with a little bit of know-how and some smart shopping tips, you can find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.


The right size: The first step in finding the right shoes for your wide feet is to know your size. This means getting your feet properly measured and knowing both the length and width of your feet. This will help you avoid shoes that are too tight or too loose.


Look for shoes with wide width options : Not all shoe brands offer wide width options, but there are many that do. When shopping, look for shoes that are labeled as "wide" or have a "W" in the size description.


Check the toe box: Shoes with a spacious toe box are essential for people with wide feet. Look for shoes that have enough room in the toe box to prevent your toes from feeling cramped or uncomfortable.


Consider the materials: Avoid shoes made of stiff, inflexible materials that don't allow your feet to move or wiggle.


Try on shoes as late as possible: Try on shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest. This will help you find shoes that fit well and provide enough support throughout the day.


Invest in custom insoles : If you're still having trouble finding comfortable shoes, consider investing in custom insoles that can help provide extra support and cushioning for your feet.


FitVille Patented sole Technology dynamically flexes to hug your heels with every step. The shoes have elastic front sole + solid back sole that smooth movement with strong support. The ergonomically designed insole molds to your feet and the solid heel ring to make your steps steady.


We recommend FitVille High/Low top Rebound CoreStride Core and Briskwalk recovery shoes for people with wide feet. All these exciting models come in 2E wide and 4E extra wide  (even 6E for Black Rebound Core) with ample space for toes to spread out. The high instep feature minimizes additional pressure applied on the foot.