Ever wondered how some golfers seem to effortlessly glide across the course, while others struggle with discomfort and fatigue? FitVille's orthopedic golf shoes hold the secret. Don't just blend in—be the golfer everyone's talking about. Discover our latest wide-fit golf shoe collection, boasting a secret addition that will make you stand out on the course. Stability, comfort, traction, light weight, cushioning, and a range of styles—all in one pair of FitVille's golf shoes. But that's not all. Our new models now feature removable spikes, a feature demanded by many golf enthusiasts in the FitVille community. 

What are REAL Wide-Fit Golf Shoes?

FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V1 and FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V2 boasts a comfortable wide toe box and orthopedic technologies like all FitVille shoes. Unlike many brands that market wide golf shoes by simply extending the upper on a regular-sized sole, FitVille offers true wide-fit golf shoes. Our shoes feature a wide, stable, and cushioning midsole, coupled with a turf-gripping outsole. This design provides your feet with a reliable base, ensuring stable walking and even pressure distribution across the large footbed area.

The wide forefoot area comfortably accommodates toe problems like bunions, hammertoes, gout, and arthritis. They effectively alleviate conditions such as metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and plantar fasciitis by providing enough room to relax the feet by promoting the natural healing. What’s different from many golf shoes that offers zero heel drop and thin heels, FitVille’s Golf Shoes has a thicker sole for big, tall and needs extra heel cushioning and arch support.

Do Lightweight Golf Shoes Sacrifice Support?

What sets FitVille's Golf Shoes apart from many others is their thicker sole without added weight. This design is tailored for individuals who are big, tall, and need extra heel cushioning and arch support. The shoes feature a midsole with Comfort+ technology crafted from 58-degree secondary foamed EVA, making them 15% lighter while providing superior energy return and durability compared to regular EVA. This means you can enjoy a lighter feel, better cushioning, and extended comfort on the course, keeping your feet happy from dawn to dusk.

Prefer to Switch Between Spiked and Spikeless?

FitVille's golf shoes have earned a loyal following, but customer feedback inspired the company to develop a new model with removable spikes. This innovative feature of FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V1 and FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V2 lets users replace worn spikes, extending the shoes' lifespan. It also offers versatility, allowing golfers to seamlessly transition between spiked for wet grass and spikeless for dry conditions. Crafted from premium TPU with anti-clogging tech, these spikes offer safety on wet, muddy grass. Seven extra spikes are included for replacements, ensuring these finely crafted shoes last long.

Traction Outsole Allowing Spikeless Play

Adding to its prowess, the outsole features an anti-torsion TPU insert at the midfoot. This clever addition limits excessive twisting, offering you a more stable and secure stride. The T-shaped outsole is like your secret weapon for staying sure-footed on any terrain. It's designed to grip and flex with the ground, giving you maximum traction and stability wherever you roam.


Are FitVille’s Golf Shoes Good for Daily Use?

Yes, the FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V1 and FitVille GreenTread Golf Shoes V2 exude understated elegance, offering a timeless look without feeling old-fashioned or overly formal. They're perfect for semi-formal business occasions. FitVille's golf shoes feature uppers made of water-resistant vegan leather that are also breathable. The Ortholite insole is designed with a U-shaped heel cup that gently wraps around your heel, evenly distributing pressure from landing. It also provides natural-feeling arch support, correcting gait problems and ensuring a fatigue-free walk for long hours. Additionally, the insole is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, keeping sweaty feet and long hours of wear odor-free. The insoles are removable, allowing you to use your custom orthotics for maximum comfort with these orthopedic golf shoes. Don't settle for ordinary golf shoes. Step up your game with FitVille and experience the difference today!