Many top running coaches advocate that runners should train on various surfaces. For those of us “ordinary runners” out there, it is also good to run on different terrains.


What terrain should I run on?

  1. Flat and hard roads. Concrete and blacktop roads can provide sufficient bounce forour feet, saving our effort to run fast and long.
  2. Slopes. Running uphill can increase our cardio-pulmonary activities. It is good for losing weight and strengthening our heart and lung health. Running downhill, on the other hand, usually serves as a good way to relax and develop better body control. Running on slopes also helps exercising our heels.
  3. Soft roads, like grass and unsurfaced roads. Running on soft roads can reduce the rebounding force imposed on the bottom of your feet. If you are suffering or just recovering from foot or knee injuries, running on soft roads can be a good alternative.


No matter on what kind of terrain you run, make sure that you are prepared. Wearing the right shoes is the first and most important step.

On hard roads, you need shoes that are cushioned enough to reduce the impact on your feet and knees. They should also provide a lot of support to the arches of your feet to minimize fatigue and reduce the odds of getting injured.

On slopes, your shoes should be skid-resistant and grippy to avoid falling.

On soft roads, if your shoes are not stabilizing enough, you will be at a greater risk of sprains.


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Don't lose sleep on choosing the right place to run. Whatever place or terrain it might be, run it right with FitVille Stride Core running shoes!