"I LOVE THEM. I wear them to work, I get more steps in than ever... and when you're trying to lose 100 pounds that's super helpful, to do extra steps and NO PAIN. and I don't have to wiggle in. I put my foot in, take a step, and the back just pops right to where it should be. BUY THESE SHOES."

I had wide feet when I was a teenager and have been squishing my hugely wide feet into little skinny shoes ever since when I was 14 years old. The fact that I have developed bunions means a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of my big toe. As I got older, I have had a broken arch and toe, plantar fasciitis, and a sprained ankle. It's difficult to find comfortable walking shoes for my wide and painful feet. I have bought some famed brand shoes to try, but I always felt my toes were stiff and couldn't move them properly even I bought the extra-wide size. Additionally, they were hard to wiggle into, I just worn things that hurt me for a long time.

Then I found FitVille Rebound Core walking shoes for daily walking, the shoes help tremendously with my bunions because the wide toe box design give my toes a roomy space for movement. These FitVille shoes provide me with a luxurious feeling as my feet slide in and my feet feel super comfortable and supportive. I can finally move my toes freely without worrying about them getting squeezed. Also, I especially like the way the back of the shoe hugs my heel and is so soft. I am a very satisfied customer and will be buying more pairs. No more narrow shoes!