“They feel great on my feet with great support. I'll be donating all the "brand name" shoes I've acquired and replacing them with a couple more pairs of the Fitville shoes.”

– L. Shinn (Verified Review)

Power walking with the other gals used to be my “happy place” but I had to quit because I could barely walk anymore. I thought it was nothing at first, just a little ache that would go away in time. But it consistently got worse. The more I walked, the more the pain grew. My feet throbbed with every step, the pain grew sharper and harder to ignore, and I began to feel it affecting my ankles, knees, and hips. Every pair of shoes I tried just made things worse. Eventually, I was forced to accept that I just couldn’t keep up.

Then my daughter told me about the Fitville Rebound Core walking shoes. Shoes designed for women like me who need extra support, cushioning, and freedom of movement. I knew I had to give them a try. Otherwise, I’d be stuck indoors until my foot pain went away—which felt like forever to an active gal like me. So when they arrived at our door, I tried them on and took them for a walk. Now, I’m back in my walking group and at the head of the pack. I’m even outpacing ladies a decade younger than me. I’m flying down the streets and happy as can be—all without foot pain!