Our Story

FitVille - Stylish Sneakers Evolve

Early Years

It all started when founder and CEO James D. Kuai grew his passion for running into a passion for designing the perfect pair of running shoes. James himself had a hard-time finding comfortable sneakers that both fit and were affordable. He also noticed that many other people around him faced the same problem.

The First Prototype

One of those who had a hard time finding shoes was James’ friend Nolan (230 lbs. size 14 feet). Nolan loved going on jogs with his wife, and sought a pair of sneakers that wouldn’t hurt his toes.

Within a few months, James designed his first pair of sneakers for Nolan. “My toes are crying out with joy!” was Nolan’s reaction. Ever since, James would send Nolan another pair of sneakers for Christmas. Each time, Nolan would offer feedback on the design. “This year I may need a higher stack” or “I think I need a wider toe box,” Nolan would comment.

As the years passed, this prototype was improved upon until, eventually, this design came to be what is now our Rebound Core.

Launching FitVille

In 2018, James and his team dedicated themselves full-time to start FitVille. The team went through an extensive R&D process to refine today’s Rebound Core sneakers, FitVille’s first design. This R&D process has since been implemented for each new product prior to release, to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Since 2018, FitVille has been committed to helping people around the world by providing better footwear, and has already helped over 80,000 people. Adhering to the values of health, comfort, and technology, FitVille aims to help everyone attain a healthy and active lifestyle no matter the obstacle.