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Our Story

FitVille - Stylish Sneakers Evolve

James - Founder of FitVille

It all started with a passionate spirit. James D. Kuai, FitVille’s founder, was a high school track star, with a personal best of 11.4 seconds in the 100-metre dash. Throughout his athletic career, James developed a love for running shoes and would dig into the pros and cons of each pair he could get his hands on.

After graduation, James delved into many industries, including online advertising, software development and online secondhand marketplace. In his last project, he co-created an online secondhand marketplace called 5miles. While James was living in Dallas, Texas, he noticed that many people had a hard time finding trainers that were well-fitting, long-lasting, and affordable.

Sneaker - The Early Years

One of those who had a hard time finding shoes was James’ friend Nolan (230 lbs. with size 14 feet), who desperately needed a pair of trainers that wouldn’t hurt his toes so that he could enjoy going for a run with his wife.

With a few months of research work that included 3-D modeling, material sourcing, and model refining, James delivered his order with help from a factory in Asia. “My toes are crying out with joy!” was Nolan’s reaction. And that pair of trainers was the first version of FitVille Rebound Core.

Every Christmas since then, James would send his friend Nolan a pair of trainers as a gift. Nolan was never afraid to give feedback on the designs. “This year I may need a higher stack,” he’d tell James. “I think I still need a wider toe box.” Years passed by and the trainers have changed a lot. “They are always better than my last pair,” Nolan said.

Launching the Brand

In 2018, James dedicated himself full-time to FitVille, along with the help of five other partners, including a guru from the shoe industry. Learn about our team HERE

Later that year, he refined the sneaker designs that had been tested and modified by Nolan, eventually coming up with the first company’s first line of shoes, the FitVille Rebound Core. The team gathered 20 wide-feet customers and put the shoes to the test – more than 500 times of trying on the trainers, putting them through their paces and taking down detailed feedback – that’s just a small view into FitVille’s dedication to product improvement!

Embarking on Activewear

At the end of 2021, James decided to expand the business into clothing. As a golf enthusiast, he has nurtured over years deep love for golf apparel, which always boast comfortable and quality texture but charge hefty prices. James determined to work with the team to develop FitVille’s activewear which enjoy soft comfort, premium quality, and mostly importantly, affordable prices.

He named the first series the EN-JOY™ collection, in the hope that everyone can ENJOY comfort when wearing FitVille’s clothes, ENJOY the technology that makes each piece, and ENJOY health every day.

With a passion for style and technology, FitVille always strives to inspire people about staying fit and healthy, regardless of age, gender, body type, or other perceived obstacles. The journey has just started. Stay tuned for more surprises!