Benefit of Walking

Walking is an excellent way of exercising which enhances our physical well being. It is a natural stress reliever. Studies have shown that continuous walking for one hour each day will effectively improve your mental condition. 

Walking can also offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It may also help prevent certain diseases and even prolong your life. Walking is free to do and easy to fit into your daily routine. All you need to do is starting with a decent pair of walking shoes.

Walking Shoes Design

Walking shoes are designed for fit and comfort, they are not always with a stunning look (or cute even). but they’ll make your feet and body feel pleasant. Good walking-specific shoes are designed to give you cloud-like cushioning even though after a long walk, with support and breathability so you can wear them all day. With all the comfort design in place, walking shoes are typically heavier than running shoes but ideal for rail-trails, gyms, or all-day wear. That support will keep your feet and joints better protected against impact and fatigue.

KEY Features For Walking Shoes

Comfort - the shoe contours and padding should conform closely to the feet, offering a snug fit at the heel and midfoot, with enough room in the forefoot.

Stability - the shoes should have a balanced and secured feel throughout the range of motion.

Flexibility - the shoes should allow for a good degree of giving at the base of the toes, providing a smooth movement.

Why FitVille Rebound Core?

Breathable - Consisting of three mesh layers, Fitville sneakers can effectively adjust the temperature and relieve foot fatigue to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day.

Non-Slip Sole - Our rubber soles featuring high elasticity and slip-resistant texture, allow you to maintain a grip on any surface.

Elasticity & Cushioning - FitVille sneakers feature a front and rear end sole made with two different density materials, ensuring both elasticity and cushioning. The differing densities allow you to move comfortably, perfect for walking distances or your normal daily activities.

Our Patented technology

  • Elastic front sole + solid back sole to smooth movement with strong support
  • Shock absorption pads to ease your bounce
  • Solid heel ring to make your steps steady and prevent overpronation