When you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, you shall realize the importance of choosing the right footwear, it’s also important to have shoes that are comfortable and allow even pressure distribution.

Well-fitting shoes should be long and wide enough to offer more space but not too loose either. If the shoes are short, you may get problems such as hammertoes, blisters, corns, and damaged nails. If shoes are not wide enough, your feet can be pressed and rub against the sides of the shoe which can lead to corns, calluses, blisters or bunions forming. Any form of damage or change to the skin or shape of the foot can lead to loss of surface skin and wounds and foot ulcers forming.

Note that if you have neuropathy, you may not be able to feel whether your shoes are uncomfortable or if they are causing damage. It’s important therefore that you check your feet daily for any signs of damages or change.


To ensure you get shoes that fit well, it’s recommended to have your feet measured and the shoes properly fitted. It’s better to try on the shoes before you buy them however due to the pandemic, that is not always possible. It’s advisable to wear shoes at home for relatively short periods of time, say 20 minutes.

Check that your feet do not show any signs of poor fitting such as redness or any marks on your skin. If your shoes show signs of not being the right shape or fit, and you have not worn your shoes outside, you may be able to return the shoes and pick a better fitting pair.


Premuim quality materials, such as superfiber, tend to be the best material for footwear as it provides good support and reduces sweating. Extra shoes in-depth provide more space within the shoe and are a good pick if you experience pressure on the top of your feet. Extra deep shoes may also be useful if you are using inserts, which slightly raise the level of your feet inside your shoes. Extra-wide shoes could be particularly good for swollen feet, bunions or have naturally wider feet.


FitVille Rebound Core features a wide toe box and a high instep.  This is different than your normal Nike or Adidas and will give you more space, especially for those with various foot problems caused by narrow shoes. FitVille has been designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the 5 in 1 patented sole features elasticity, strong back heel support, shock reduction as well as anti-overpronation.

If you’ve struggled with your wide feet concerns, switching to a wide toe box shoes as the FitVille Rebound Core might just be the right fit for you!