The Benefits of Diabetic Shoes with Removable Insoles

One of the many complications of diabetes is neuropathy. It can lead to reduced sensation and numbness in the feet, making it difficult for patients to sense foot injuries. Additionally, individuals with diabetes are prone to foot ulcers, making it difficult to heal due to poor blood circulation.


To help prevent foot problems and provide added comfort, diabetic shoes with removable insoles have become increasingly popular. These shoes are designed with a range of features that provide customized comfort for individuals with diabetes. Here are some of the key benefits of diabetic shoes with removable insoles:


Customized Fit: Diabetic shoes with removable insoles like FitVille Recovery Clog offer a custom fit for each individual. The insoles can be removed or replaced with inserts that suits the specific needs of the user. This provides added support and reduces other foot-related complications.


Improved Circulation: Diabetic shoes are designed to improve circulation. They typically come in a wider toe box and a deeper heel cup like FitVille EasyTop Wings V2, which helps to reduce pressure on the feet and distribute weight evenly. This improves blood flow to the feet, which can prevent foot ulcers and other foot-related complications.


Comfort: Diabetic shoes with removable insoles provide added comfort for individuals with diabetes. They are made with soft materials that reduce pressure on the feet and prevent blisters and other foot injuries. The insoles  can be removed and replaced with new ones when they become worn, ensuring that the shoes continue to provide maximum comfort and support.


Reduced Risk of Infections: Diabetic shoes are made with materials to reduce the risk of infections. It’s mostly made of breathable materials to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus, which can cause infections.