“These are super comfortable and supportive! I can move freely without worrying my toes getting squeezed. And it's not too wide where my feet become loose inside. Try these and you will love them!”


It’s been a few years of struggling with foot pain. I hate that I just can’t play with my grandkids outdoor like I used to. Things started out small: a minor pricking in my heel first thing in the morning and last thing at night. But over time, it’s gotten so bad that it feels like I’m being stabbed in the heel bone with a red-hot poker. Instead of chasing my granddaughter around the park or going on a walk with my grandson and his new puppy, I’m stuck in a chair and watching life happen around me.

Then I found Fitville’s Rebound Core exercise shoe, and everything changed. My heel pain diminished, my walking speed increased, and I started moving around with no discomfort. From the moment I slipped them on and felt that amazing extra-thick cushioning and support, I was hooked. I’m actually running and jumping like I’m two decades younger! My feet have never been happier, and neither have I. Now, I can play with my grandkids the way I want to, and nothing can keep me trapped indoors.