Best Shoes For Diabetics

Unparalleled care for sensitive, swollen diabetic feet with our Extra Wide shoes.
Diabetic feet are a critical aspect of managing diabetes, and early care is essential to prevent complications. Let's dive into this crucial topic and learn how to optimize foot health for those living with diabetes.

What Are Diabetic Feet?

Diabetic feet refer to a condition that can arise in individuals with diabetes. It involves a range of foot problems resulting from nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation (vascular issues) associated with diabetes. These problems can lead to various foot-related complications, making regular foot care crucial.

Most Common Causes & Risk Factors

Diabetic feet are primarily caused by the effects of diabetes itself. High blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage, causing loss of sensation in the feet, making it challenging to detect injuries or ulcers. Additionally, diabetes can impair circulation, reducing the body's ability to heal wounds effectively. Other risk factors include the duration of diabetes, smoking, and a history of foot problems.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of diabetic feet may include numbness, tingling, or pain in the feet, as well as changes in skin color and temperature. Slow-healing sores or ulcers, fungal infections, and calluses are also common signs. A healthcare provider can diagnose diabetic foot issues through a thorough examination and may recommend additional tests like nerve conduction studies.


Treatment for diabetic feet aims to prevent complications and manage existing issues. This includes maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, diligent foot hygiene, and wearing appropriate footwear. Regular check-ups with a healthcare provider are essential to monitor foot health.

Exercises and Stretches

Exercises that improve circulation and flexibility in the feet can be beneficial for individuals with diabetes. Ankle pumps, toe stretches, and foot circles can help maintain foot health. Consult with a healthcare provider or physical therapist to develop an exercise routine tailored to your needs.


Preventing diabetic foot problems is critical. To reduce the risk, it's essential to manage blood sugar levels effectively. Regularly inspect and care for your feet, keep them clean and moisturized, and trim your toenails carefully. Wearing well-fitted, supportive shoes is crucial. Avoid going barefoot, and seek prompt medical attention for any foot issues, no matter how minor they may seem.

Anatomy of a Diabetic Footwear

Footwear for individuals with diabetes plays a vital role in preventing complications. Here's how these specialized shoes can be beneficial:

Pressure Redistribution

Arch Support & Heel Cushioning
Diabetic shoes are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the sole of the foot. This helps prevent pressure points and reduces the risk of developing ulcers.

Extra Depth and Width

Arch Support & Heel Cushioning
These shoes offer extra depth and width, allowing room for custom orthotics and preventing the toes from rubbing against the shoe's interior.

Seamless Interior

Arch Support & Heel Cushioning
The interior of diabetic shoes is seamless to minimize friction and irritation, reducing the risk of blisters and calluses.

Shock Absorption

Arch Support & Heel Cushioning
They provide effective shock absorption, reducing the impact forces that can lead to injuries.

Proper Fit

Arch Support & Heel Cushioning
As with shoes for flat feet, it's crucial to ensure a proper fit. Professional measurement helps find the right size and width, ensuring that the shoes provide the necessary support and comfort for individuals with diabetic feet.

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Comfort+™ Technology
PropelCore™ Technology
● PropelCore™ Technology

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