FitVille Women's EasyTop StrapEase Diabetic Shoes V4

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1. What is 58° Advanced EVA, and why does FitVille use it in their Diabetic shoes?

We're not afraid to admit it: finding the perfect balance between flexibility and support is a daunting task. But we've cracked the code with 58° Advanced EVA!

This revolutionary material is 15% lighter than regular EVA, thanks to our advanced compression-molding process. Our Dynamic Vulcanization technique ensures it's both soft enough to absorb shock and firm enough to provide stability.

And the best part? It falls right in the middle of the Shore Hardness scale (0-100), which is the standard for the shoe industry, making it the perfect choice for diabetic feet. With 58° Advanced EVA, FitVille's Diabetic shoes provide unparalleled comfort, support, and protection.

2. What is Tri-Grip Enhanced Rubber?

Tri-Grip Enhanced Rubber is a material that significantly enhances grip and traction. Its distinctive tread pattern and compound formulation provide excellent support and stability on various surfaces. The simulated foot palm molding technology, which replicates the natural shape and movement of the human foot, is a key feature that sets it apart.

Our design team employed advanced computer simulations and 3D modeling to create a precise replica of the foot's shape and movement. This enabled them to pinpoint the exact points of contact between the foot and the ground, and develop a material that optimizes grip and traction in those areas.

With Tri-Grip Enhanced Rubber, you can have confidence in the support and stability of your feet. Our material is designed to provide a comfortable and secure walking experience, and we believe it will meet your expectations.

3. Why arch support is essential for Diabetic Shoes?

Arch support is a crucial feature of diabetic shoes. It helps reduce pressure and stress on the feet, which can lead to painful ulcers and even amputations. By providing proper arch support, diabetic shoes can help distribute pressure evenly, promoting healthy feet and preventing complications.

That's exactly why FitVille's diabetic shoes for women go above and beyond! In addition to our superior 58° Advanced EVA sole technology, we've also incorporated a thoughtful, mild arch support design. This design is carefully crafted by podiatrist experts to provide gentle support and relief for diabetic feet.

With FitVille, you can trust that your feet are getting the care and support they need. Our shoes are designed to provide comprehensive support and care for diabetic feet, helping to prevent complications and promote healthy feet.

4. Do these Diabetic Shoes accommodate custom insoles?

Absolutely! Our diabetic shoes are designed to accommodate custom insoles. With a deep instep and adjustable Velcro straps, you can insert your own custom insoles with ease, giving you the flexibility to choose the support that's right for you.

But don't worry, we've also got you covered with our included insoles, made with Ortholite material for breathability, sweat absorption, and odor resistance. They're designed to cushion and protect your joints, with a U-shaped heel structure and midfoot metatarsal pad to relieve pressure and discomfort. This means you can enjoy comfort and support right out of the box!

Plus, the arch area is thickened for gentle arch support, working together with the built-in arch support on the midsole to provide comprehensive support for your feet.

5. Is there a break-in time?

Each pair of FitVille's diabetic shoes is designed for immediate comfort, with no break-in time required. The heels are cushioned with soft sponge padding, and the interior is lined with silky, smooth, and stretchable fabric for a gentle touch on the skin.

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