How wide are 6E Shoes? 6E shoes are exceptionally wide, providing ample room for those with very wide feet or specific foot conditions that require extra space. FitVille specializes in crafting orthopedic 6E shoes that cater to individuals with swelling from arthritis, diabetic feet, and foot conditions such as severe hammertoes, bunions, gout, and foot injuries.

Why Triple Wide Shoes needs Orthopedic Features?

When it comes to 6E shoes, especially for those with foot conditions, it's crucial to consider more than just the width. Stability, cushioning, slip-resistance, arch support, and durability are all key features to look for in a reliable pair of 6E shoes.

Are there tips for selecting reliable orthopedic shoes in 6E width, especially on a lower budget? Let's debunk common problems that people usually neglect when hunting for triple-wide and supportive shoes that solve foot problems. Here are three points to consider:

Wide Base of Support from The Sole

While many brands in the industry advertise wide-fit shoes, it's important to note that not all wide-fit shoes offer the same level of support. Some shoes only extend the upper material to accommodate wider feet, without increasing the width of the sole. This can pose risks to individuals, as the weight distribution may not be even, leading to instability and an unnatural gait. This uneven distribution can worsen foot conditions and even increase the risk of falls. Therefore, it's essential to look for shoes that not only have a wide upper but also a wide base of support from the sole, providing stability and promoting a natural walking motion. FitVille's 6E shoes are craftedwith a wide base of support from the sole, ensuring that wearers can stand and walk comfortably and safely.


Snug Fit at the Heel

While wide-fit shoes require a larger space at the forefoot, a wider shoe collar, and a deeper instep than regular shoes, they should still have reasonable padding at the heel and a snug fit to follow your movement and prevent heel slips. Many lower-budget brands enlarge the overall size of the mold to produce wide-fit shoes, but they often neglect the ergonomic design necessary for swelling feet and toe condition patients. As a result, many people report wearing wide shoes that cause heel slip. FitVille's 6E shoes prioritize both width and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable fit that supports foot health. The wide shoe collar, silky lining, and plush padding at the heel allow for zero break-in time, meticulously designed for sensitive, swollen, and injured feet.

Abundant Cushioning vs. Barefoot Trend

While the barefoot shoe trend promotes the body's natural adjustment of gait in response to landing, it may not be suitable for individuals with existing foot conditions, especially those who are older or have a larger weight. As we age, the tissues under our feet tend to thin out, making it necessary to have a thick sole to protect the feet from landing shock. Heavier individuals often shift to heel landing, and additional foot conditions that come with obesity, such as flat feet, can increase the pressure on the heel significantly.

In addition to gait-correcting orthotics, people with foot and heel pain require a thick, responsive sole for daily walking. This type of sole gives the body time to heal and provides necessary cushioning and support. FitVille's 6E shoes are designed with ample cushioning to protect the feet and provide comfort, making them a great choice for individuals with foot conditions or those who need extra support while walking.

The Rebound Core Series, for example, utilizes PropelCore™ sole technology, which adapts to your unique foot contour. This series features a dual-density Comfort+ EVA midsole and an integrated EnergyWave™ pad, providing all-day ease and optimal body alignment. These features ensure impeccable heel, arch, and ankle support.

The ReboundCore Orthopedic Sneakers are available in 2E, 4E, and 6E widths. If you are not sure about your size, consult the sizing chart for men and women.

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FitVille’s ReboundCore Orthopedic Sneakers in 2E/4E/6E widths.