What are corns and calluses?


Corns and calluses are the thick, rough, hardened layers of skin often formed on feet, toes or hands. If it doesn’t cause pain, you probably don’t need special treatment. Corns are small lumps of hard skin while calluses are large patches of thick skin. There are ways to ease them, but it might also simply disappear after removing the friction or pressure that causes the pain.


Causes of Corns and calluses


Corns and calluses are caused by constant pressure and friction of the skin. It could occur from:

  • Ill-fitting shoes. Wearing narrow or high heels could squeeze your feet, causing pressure. On the other hand, shoes that are too loose could cause feet to rub back and forth which creates friction.
  • Wearing socks that don't fit properly or not wearing socks at all could cause friction on your feet.


Prevention & Treatment


  • Wear wide, roomy and comfortable shoesthat provide plenty of room for your toes. By that, it means shoes that allow your toes to wiggle freely. Get comfortable shoes with a cushioned sole that won't rub your feet.
  • Thickand cushioned socks. Well-fitting and cushioned socks reduce friction on corns and calluses
  • Soft inserts can ease the pain and lowers friction
  • Soak with warm water.Soaking your feet with warm water could help soften corns and calluses
  • Pumice stone.After softening the affected area, gently rub the corns of calluses with a pumice stone to remove the rough and thickened skin.
  • Moisturize. Apply moisturizer regularly to help keep skin soft

Shoe recommendation

People suffering from corns and calluses should get shoes with enough space for toes to spread out and cushioned soles to reduce friction on the affected area.

FitVille provides a range of shoes that would quicken the recovery and ease the pain.

We recommend FitVille High/Low top Rebound CoreTM and EasyTop Diabetic shoe for people with corns and calluses. The Rebound CoreTM features a wide toe box and high instep design that highly reduces the friction between your feet and the shoe to the minimum. The EasyTop Diabetic shoe has a deep and roomy toe box with Velcro strap, fully adjustable to reduce friction. The EasyTop comes in 2E wide and 4E extra wide while the Rebound CoreTM goes up to 6E width, leaving ample space for toes to spread.

For insoles, the FitVille Rebound-Engine Orthotic Insoles are made to deal with most feet problems. It features a high rebound foam that provides cushioning comfort, to ease the pain caused by corns and calluses.


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