Even the most devoted exercise enthusiasts might get demotivated by the cold days and long nights in Winter. It is extremely difficult to stay out of bed or the fireplace at home. However, staying active is key to aging well and it boosts your immunity during cold and flu season. Relax, it doesn’t have to be intense as heavy weight lifting or sprinting up the hill to be healthy, there are a few activities you could consider. Choose one that suits you and stay active through the Winter.

Jogging or Walking

You can never go wrong with jogging. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy nature in a park or around the neighborhood. Beware to keep an eye on the ground as it might get a bit slippery on snowy days. Make sure to put on sneakers that are slip-resistant to avoid any incidents.

FitVille Rebound Core and Stride Core both offer excellent protection with a slip-resistant rubber outsole and a patented sole with cushioning support.


Toughest one on the list. It’s challenging but nature rewards you with a beautiful scenery and experience that lives long in your memories. Similar to jogging, traction is the most important factor when picking hiking shoes. Also, a cushioning sole that’s supportive and comfortable is critical for long walks.  

Sturdy Core Hiking Boot and Low-top Rugged Core both come in a slip-resistant lug outsole, water-repellent upper and patented cushioning sole to provide support for a long hiking journey.

FitVille Sturdy Core Hiking Boot and Low-top Rugged Core both comes in a slip-resistant lug outsole, water-repellent upper and patented cushioning sole to provide support for a long hiking journey.


One of the fastest-growing sports in recent years. It’s an addictive and beginner-friendly social game that could be played basically anywhere, indoor or outdoor. It requires constant movements which could easily cause injury.

FitVille Amadeus Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes are designed for sports like Tennis and Pickleball. It has an anti-torsion and slip-resistance outsole to avoid twisting and falling during the game.

FitVille Pickleball Paddle is made of light and durable fiberglass for exceptional control, agile swing and longer rallies. Thoughtfully designed with extended handle length, accessible for players with different sizes of hand.

Indoor and Outdoor chores

Keep in mind, any activity counts in the Winter. Housework such as vacuuming and sweeping counts as indoor physical activities. If you are craving some fresh air, step out the door and start raking leaves and shoveling snow.

FitVille Recovery Winter Slipper and Casual Air Cushion V3 are both extremely easy to put on, perfect for both indoor and outdoor. The velvet and plush inner lining keeps feet nicely surrounded by warmth when you’re shoveling snow in the front yard.